Terms and Conditions

Minabevakningar.se – Terms and Conditions

1. General: Minabevakningar.se, organization number SE660904699701, Firma Anders Eriksson is a company that operates and develops minabevakningar.se. You agree to the terms and conditions when you create a watch on minabevakningar.se

2. Processing of Personal Data:
Information about our processing of personal data and how we protect your privacy while using the service can be found in our Privacy Policy. By accepting the Terms, you accept the processing of your personal information as described in our Privacy Policy.

3. Subscriptions and Subscriptions
Minabevakningar.se offers a subscription that provides access to digital surveillance service. Until now, the service is delivered until notice is given by contacting us at minabevakningar.se

4. Termination
You end a subscription / subscription by contacting us by email. The subscription / subscription is paid in advance 30 days interval.
Unpaid payment is not accepted as termination. In the event of non-payment, minabevakningar.se reserves the right to invoice you for any payment reminders, collection costs and late interest rates by law.
Minabevakningar.se has the right to cancel your subscription / subscription 30 days notice. Any compensation paid in advance for the service will then be refunded to you. Minabevakningar.se also has the right to terminate or terminate your access to the service immediately and without notice if you substantially or repeatedly violate the provisions of these terms and conditions.

5. Right of withdrawal
When you enter into a subscription / subscription or other service contract, you are entitled to withdraw your purchase within 14 days. You can avail your right of withdrawal by contacting minabevakningar.se via mail. More information about distance contracts and cancellation rights can also be found on the Consumer Agency’s website www.konsumentverket.se. Unexpected payment is not accepted as utilization of right of withdrawal. Minabevakningar.se reserves the right to charge you for the time you have used the service.

6. Payment
Current prices can be found in our webshop. Minabevakningar.se has the right to change the subscription / subscription fee.
Payment of the service must be made in advance. However, in some cases, payment is required in a particular manner. Payment must be made within that time and otherwise under the terms of your chosen payment method. In the event of non-payment, Minabevakningar.se has the right to charge interest on late payment from the due date and request compensation for any reminders and charges associated collection. A new subscription / subscription may not be subscribed until earlier debt is registered as paid at Minabevakningar.se.
Where Minabevakningar.se uses payment service solutions provided by third parties, such as Paypal, Stripe, Klarna and PayEx, apply in addition to the payment service provider’s special terms.

7. Especially about digital service.
Our goal is that Minabevakningar.se will always work satisfactorily and we will do our best to ensure that they are working well for you as a user. Minabevakningar.se does not guarantee that your access to the service will be free from errors or interruptions and you are not entitled to any compensation for the time when the digital service is down for single occasions or shorter time. For consumers, the consumer purchases and the Distance Contract Act apply

8. Use of the service.
You may not use Minabevakningar.se in such a way that Minabevakningar.se or any other person suffers from inconvenience or damage.

9. Intellectual Property Rights
The intellectual property rights to articles, images, websites and other information that you gain access through the service are held by Minabevakningar.se or the copyright holder of the respective article, image, website and other information. The material may not be used otherwise than within the normal use of the service.

10. Condition change. Minabevakningar.se is entitled to unilaterally change the terms of the Terms. Any changes will take effect no earlier than 30 days after the changed terms have been notified to you by being kept available on Minabevakningen.se or otherwise communicated.
We continuously develop the service, which means we can improve and add, change and remove features. Minerva surveillance is entitled to make changes.

11. Disclaimer
Minabevakningar.se is not responsible for ensuring that the content available through minabevakningar.se is correct or complete and damage resulting from content errors is not replaced. Minabevakningar.se has no responsibility for inaccessibility or mistakes in Minabevakningar.se. In no event will I respond to damage if Minabevakningar.se has not acted intentionally or grossly negligently. The service may contain links to other sites that are not under our control. We are not responsible for privacy or content on these sites without providing links to facilitate our visitors to find more information in specific areas.
Furthermore, Minabevakningar.se is not responsible for any offenses committed by using Minabevakningar.se services such as threats or foreclosures, for obscenities, for disturbing, infringing, inappropriate or illegal content or conduct by any user.

12. Transfer
These Terms, and the rights and obligations arising from your purchase, may not be transferred or transferred to any other party of you. Minabevakningar.se has the right to freely transfer its rights and obligations under the terms and conditions.

13. Existing law and dispute settlement
The terms are governed by Swedish law and any disputes shall be settled by the Swedish General Court. If you are dissatisfied our service, you can also contact the General Complaints Board, www.arn.se.

14. Customer service